Beginning With Why

As I thought about what to write in my first blog post it didn’t take long to realize I need to start in the same place I encourage others to spend time. Why do I do what I do? In his book Start with Why, Simon Sinek asserts “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. While all companies can tell you what they do, very few can tell you why they do it. Sinek uses the “golden circle” as the framework that helps us understand and visualize the concepts.

sinek_circle Another important point – The inner circles, “why” & “how” are controlled by the limbic brain which is responsible for all feelings, like trust and loyalty. It is also responsible for all human behavior and decision-making, yet it has no capacity for language. The outside of the brain is the Neocortex, the newest brain or Homo Sapien brain, which corresponds with the “what” level of The Golden Circle. It is responsible for all rational and analytical thought and allows us to understand vast amounts of complicated information, like features, benefits, facts and figures. It simply does not drive human behavior. Why start with “why” when we communicate – working from the inside out of the circle?

  • The Why is about our contribution to impact and serve others – it inspires us
  • Why inspires loyalty in others – including our employees and  customers.
  • You speak directly to the part of the brain that controls emotions, behavior and decision-making.

It is what my lean colleagues refer to as True North!   So, here is what I do from the inside out:  

LS_circleIt sounds simple, but try it. Think of your organization – why do they do what they do. Think of your role – why do YOU do what you do? Share it!

Respectfully yours, Lisa

Note: if you are interested in hearing more about “Starting with Why” check out this TED talk: “Starting with Why”