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There is no doubt the pace of change and complexity of our work continues to accelerate. At the same time disruptive innovations and new ways of thinking abound. Transformational leadership is not a product of working harder, but the result of focused discovery and courage. The first step is to invest in yourself by creating the time and space to improve the way you experience leadership.

If this rings true for you, Welcome.

The leadership path is challenging.
Although most of us were prepared for the technical aspects of management, we usually develop leadership skills the hard way. Leadership is the art of navigating individual and team relationships in a way that inspires people to feel valued, do their best, and succeed. Great leaders develop as a result of courageous cycles of learning, discovery and increased self-awareness. Ironically, once immersed in the role, the pace of our complex and rapidly moving workplace rarely affords us the time to step back, be mindful, and work on becoming better versions of ourselves, leaving us restless and unfulfilled or even burned out.I have walked this path.

I have walked this path.
With over 20 years as an executive committed to learning, improvement and team development, I have a passion for improving the way leaders and their teams experience leadership. I will partner with you to provide a safe space to share your aspirations and challenges then design tests of change. We will stay focused by discovering and building upon your strengths and values to unlock your true potential and accelerate results, while working on smoothing out the edges that challenge you. I am also available to work with you and your team as well as organizations to provide the facilitation needed to transform team performance by building healthy connections and promoting innovation and creativity.

A word about the Lean Leadership path.
I have been through two Lean implementations in the healthcare setting and found the leadership principles embodied in this approach to bring out the best in people. With a strong emphasis on respect for people, trust and transparency, I achieved a level of teamwork and personal satisfaction I had seldom experienced. By making it my job to be present and ensure our teams were successful, morale improved and further improvements were realized … at first gradually and then suddenly. I am honored to work with organizations and leadership teams committed to this transformational way of leading.

Be in touch to schedule a conversation to explore options with me.

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.
-Margaret Heffernan-

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