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Experience Mapping

I have successfully used this technique to gain a deep understanding of the emotions people feel throughout each step of their healthcare experience. Once understood, it is possible for the care team to design and test specific improvements. These are often very simple corrections. For example, while mapping the emotions women expressed related to their annual mammogram, we gained insight into why they were dreaded by many and caused some to avoid the test all together. One simple change – letting the woman know she could ask the technician to stop compression at any time by scripting just-in-time explanations – allowed the women to feel less fearful and more in control. This process works in countless settings by building a stronger connection between those providing and those receiving the service.
As a coach I work with the leaders and care team to “see with new eyes” so this work and approach can live on in the organization and with the customers to encourage them to identify and communicate their feelings.

“In designing a proposal for enhancing the transition of adolescents with childhood-onset chronic disease from pediatric to adult health care delivery models, I had the pleasure of partnering with Lisa Strom in conducting a serious of focus group interviews with patients and caregivers. Lisa’s thoughtful inquisitiveness balanced by her structured approach to the information gathering process was a tremendous asset. I enjoyed her collaborative approach to planning the sessions and observing her compassion for and soft touch with the patients and their families.” 
Christopher Kodama, MD, MBA

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