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Lean Pathways (LPI)

In 2015 I was invited to associate with Lean Pathways as a market partner with a focus on healthcare implementations after studying lean strategy deployment under Pascal Dennis and his team of Sensei. As the COO of a tertiary care hospital, I learned to think and lead according the principles of the Lean Business System. I assumed overall responsibility for the success of my teams and received over 150 hours of focused training in addition to on site coaching. I learned first-hand the importance of:

• Providing a clear vision – True North
• Working at the right level
• Respect for people
• Good problem-solving
• Visibility and presence where the work happens
• Engaging cross-functional teams in solving their own problems
• Daily huddles at all levels
• Visual management and clear standards
• Ongoing and never-ending process improvement!

“True planning means taking the time to grasp the situation and think deeply about the issues, then determining countermeasures that are testable. It means deploying these countermeasures by focusing the organization’s resources on these countermeasures and aligning the organization to their execution. It means having a quick check/ adjust process for when things go off plan.
In reality most organizations actually do have a plan, it’s just that outside the leadership team no one knows what it is or how the work they do contributes to it and therefore people don’t follow it and don’t impact it. So the reality is … they are planning to fail.”
Pascal Dennis

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